APRA AMCOS – 30kW Solar Installation

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System Size: 30kW

Approximate Yearly Output: 42,000kWh

Approximate Bill Coverage: 5%

Established in 1926, the Australasian Performing Right Association Limited (APRA) managed the performance and communication rights of its member. The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Limited (AMCOS) was established in 1979 to manage the reproduction and storage of music in all different types of formats. In the same year, APRA and AMCOS formed an alliance. Nowadays the organisation has more than 87,000 members consisting of songwriters, music publishers and composers. APRA AMOS license organisations to perform, copy, play and record the music of their members as well as distribute the royalties.

In April 2016, Todae Solar installed a 30kW commercial solar system on the roof of APRA AMCOS’ headquarter in Ultimo. The client was happy with the smooth installation process and commended the project manager’s detailed explanation regarding the proposal, technical requirements, system design and the finished product.

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