100+kW Commercial Solar System

100kW Solar Systems are one of the most popular commercial solar system sizes for businesses across Australia. This is due to the upfront Federal Rebate being available for systems up to 100kW. 100kW solar systems feature approx. 370 solar panels and require around 600m2 of roof area. Your business could save more than $20,000 per annum and cover up to 60% of your energy usage with a 100kW solar panel installation. With experience in delivering more 100kW systems than anyone else, we can ensure your business gets the optimum benefit from installing solar.
A 100kW Solar System Utilizes: Approx. 370 solar panels and 3/4 Commercial grade inverters
A 100kW Solar System will require around 620m2 of roof space for installation.
Your business could be eligible to receive up to $80,000 rebate for installing a 100kW worth of solar panels. This can cover around 45% of the upfront cost.
Depending on where your business is located a 100kW system can generate between 130,000 – 160,000kWh per annum. This equates to around 350-440kWh/day on average.
Depending on a few variables a 100kW system may save your business conservatively between $20,000 – $50,000 per annum.
Again depending on your location, usage and tariffs a 100kW system will pay itself off potentially in 3 – 5 years.
This system will help your business to reduce your carbon emissions by around 2500-2700 tonnes (over 20 years).
With long term warranties, a 100kW system can deliver a Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) between 3 – 7 c/kWh (over 20 years).

Is a 100kW Solar Power Plant Suited To My Business

If your business is spending around $7,000 to $15,000 per month you may be suitable for a 100kW installation. Todae Solar considers a number of variables when designing the optimum system size to achieve the best ROI. To find out what is the optimum system size for your business, please fill out the contact form below. Here are some reasons why your business should install solar power

Energy Savings

For businesses spending more than $80,000 per annum on electricity, installing commercial solar can have a dramatic impact on reducing these costs. Depending on your tariffs, your business will be able to potentially save $20,000 to $40,000 off your annual energy costs with a 100kW solar system. These savings can be potentially cash flow positive from Day 1 by utilising the solar rebate and one of Todae Solar’s finance solutions. This provides your business with an effective strategy to reduce operating costs without altering your operations.

Risk Mitigation
Energy prices have increased significantly over the last 12 months and are on track to continue to do so moving forward. Energy costs are one of the few operating costs that your business has little control over. Every price rise puts more pressure on operating profits. By installing a 100kW system, you could potentially cover up to 60% of your energy usage which enables you to achieve significant energy independence and hedge against future electricity price rises.
Marketing Benefits
One of Todae Solar’s customers, B&R Plastics, who installed a 100kW system in 2014, uses their installation as a key sales tool for innovation with their clients to great results. Solar can be a powerful tool to differentiate your business and actively demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility credentials.

Solar Finance Options for 100kW Solar Systems

100kW solar systems can deliver significant financial benefits with some of our no-money-down and potentially cash flow positive solutions. Our consultants will work with you to help determine the right finance solution for you.

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