Doug Hall Poultry – 1.2MW Multi-Site Installation

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Client: Doug Hall Poultry

System Size: 1.2MW

Approximate Yearly Output: 1,670,000kWh

Approximate Bill Coverage: 40%

Doug Hall Poultry is a poultry and egg farm in Queensland. Founded in 1986, the company is now one of the largest suppliers of poultry and eggs to Australian supermarkets. Doug Hall Poultry first contracted Todae Solar in mid-2015 to install a 1MW ground mount solar system for their site in Yandilla. Rather than using traditional roof mounts, it was determined that a ground-mounted system would yield better results and studies were undertaken in order to ensure optimal use of ground-mounting technology. Following from the success of this project, Doug Hall contracted Todae Solar in 2016 to complete another 100kW ground mount system at one of their sites in Turallin and a 95kW system at the company’s Ellerslie location in 2018.

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