Holsworthy Barracks – 343kW Solar Installation

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Client: Holsworthy Barracks

System Size: 343kW

Approximate Yearly Output: 472,000kWh

Holsworthy Barracks is a part of the military reserve in the outer south-western Sydney suburb of Holsworthy. Since World War I, it has been a training area and artillery range for the Australian Army. In winter 2016, a new facility on the site was required for the new fleet of special operations vehicles. As part of this construction, Todae Solar to supply and install a 343kW commercial solar system for this project.

Todae Solar managed to install the solar system within the required time frame. As the site was located on a military base, there were additional constraints that our team had to consider such as security clearances and logistics while being mindful of other contractors working on site.

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