Todae Solar

Endeavour Energy - Head office solar

Todae Solar is extremely proud of one of our latest installations, a 456.8KW system on the Endeavour Energy Head Office in Huntingwood, which will generate over 550,000kwh annually.

The system, installed in Huntingwood is one of eight installations that Todae Solar has completed for Endeavour Energy. The design of the system specifically focused on working around the skylights on the roof and maximizing sunshine hours whilst avoiding shade. Todae Solar Project Manager, Raman Dandona says “one of the most exciting installs I’ve worked on, with the challenge of working on a DNSP Head office, and challenging landscaping which meant getting material on the roof in itself was a big task.”

The Endeavour Head Office will save around 25% of their energy bill by using solar from this installation alone. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions this system will reduce is similar to taking 84 passenger vehicles off the road for a year or powering 50 homes with energy for the year. After just over three years, the entire cost of the system will be recovered by the savings made.

James Plambeck, for Endeavour Energy, thanked us for all the support and work go into these sites saying, “It has been great to see 7 sites completed and the 8th underway.”