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  • Commercial Solar Installation Horan Steel

    Horan Steel Mayfield West

  • Horan Steel Wetherhill Park

  • Horan Steel Mayfield West

Client: Horan Steel

System Size: 270kW

Approximate Yearly Output: 275,000kWh 

Approximate Bill Coverage: 52.5%

Horan Steel contracted Todae Solar in 2017 to install 200kW and 70kW commercial solar systems on their two sites in Sydney and Newcastle. The two installations are expected to reduce Horan Steel’s carbon emissions by 4825 tonnes over a 20 year period. This impressive reduction is equivalent to carbon emissions from 1,033 passenger vehicles driven for one year. In addition to reducing their carbon footprint, Horan Steel is expected to financially benefit from the solar installation by saving almost $1.6 million on their energy costs.

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