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Secure your company’s energy costs with long term hedging against future energy price volatility with a Todae Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A Solar PPA allows you to install solar power without any upfront capital investment and simply receive a locked in electricity tariff that provides a discount on your current day grid tariffs. The lower tariff is locked in for the term (typically ranging from 10 to 20 years) and all on-going maintenance and insurance is covered by Todae Solar.

A Solar PPA means you are buying the solar electricity produced by the system, rather than buying the system itself. This means that you only pay for what the system produces – you receive a monthly electricity bill just like your normal electricity provider.

A Solar PPA is a great way to take advantage of solar without any capital whilst minimise any operational risk.

PPA Highlights:

  • Upfront Cost

    No – You receive a monthly bill for the electricity consumed from the system.
  • Ownership

    Owned by Todae Solar until the end of the term when ownership can be transferred to the customer.
  • Tax Benefits

    No additional tax benefits like depreciation.
  • Operations & Maintenance

    Todae Solar provides on-going Operations & maintenance at no additional cost.
  • Term

    10-20 years at the customer’s preference.
  • Ongoing Costs

    No ongoing costs outside of the monthly usage
  • Eligible for Rebates

    Yes – these are retained by Todae Solar to provide you a lower upfront tariff
  • Insurance

    Todae Solar covers the insurance of the system
With a Solar PPA your organisation receives an ongoing cost reduction with no upfront costs and minimal risk. Improving your business’ bottom line can be that easy with a Todae Solar Power Purchase Agreement. These innovative solutions provide your business the financial and social benefits of solar energy without the burden and costs of solar panel system ownership.

How Do Todae Solar PPA’s Work?

  • Todae Solar owns and operates all technology associated with the solar energy output including the financing, design and installation of the solar panel system.
  • Your organisation agrees to host the solar system on your property for a contracted period of time (normally 10-20 years).
  • During this time, your business purchases the electricity generated from the solar panels from Todae Solar at a predetermined fixed rate.
  • Your organisation will therefore avoid any upfront costs and maintenance risks, while locking in electricity rates that are lower than buying from the grid.
  • By buying electricity at a fixed price, the agreement provides long-term hedging against the volatility of traditional energy rates.

Key Benefits of a PPA

No Upfront Capital Investment

The first and most obvious benefit of a commercial solar power purchase agreement is that you’ve got very little upfront capital costs, if any at all. With sizing, procuring, installing and upkeep out of your hands, you’re able to start making savings on electricity as soon as the system is installed and operational. This allows you to save capital for other strategic business initiatives.

No Operational Maintenance or Service Risks

All equipment and technology associated with the PV system is maintained and serviced by Todae Solar throughout the term length of the PPA at NO cost to your organisation. Any costs for damage or malfunction are completely taken care of by us as well.

Fixed Rate Throughout Term - Protection Against Volatile Electricity Costs

Traditional utility grid rates have risen significantly and are forecast to continue rising in the coming years. A PPA allows your business to hedge against unforeseen higher electricity costs by locking in a lower fixed PPA rate. As you’re only paying for the solar electricity that’s used – it’s further reduces the risk. Start saving immediately and lock in steady and predictable energy costs for decades with a customised Todae Solar PPA..

Why Choose Todae Solar

A 10 to 20 year electricity agreement can potentially be a daunting arrangement. As Australia’s #1 commercial solar installer you can count on over 14 years’ of experience to guide you through the process – making it as simple as can be. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across the country to install over 30MW’s of commercial solar. We take care of everything and give you the comfort that installation will not affect your business operations. We make solar simple and low risk with our Solar PPA’s. Contact us for a free consultation and see how much you can save with a solar PPA.

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No Upfront Costs
  • Only pay for the solar energy used
  • Discounted rate compared to grid tariff
  • Fixed term between 10 – 20 years
  • All O&M and insurance is included in the tariff
Limited Upfront Costs
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Potentially cashflow positive from Q1
  • Fixed term
  • Own the system after the term
Greatest Savings
  • No ongoing payments
  • Payback between 3 – 6 years
  • Immediate ownership of system
  • Solar panels guaranteed for 25 years
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