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    Todae Solar Extends Agriculture Portfolio in Victoria

    27 Sep 2018

    Coolibah Herbs is the latest addition to Todae Solar’s Agriculture Portfolio, with a 160kW rooftop tilt-frame, flush-mounted solar system on their Mornington Peninsula site in Victoria.

    Estimated to cover 13% of their electricity bills and having a payback period of just over four years, the business case was evident for this premium wholesale grower, supplier and distributor.

    Commitment to the environment has also in part driven the decision to install solar. According to their website, “Coolibah Herbs is a business that takes its responsibilities to customers, staff, local people and the resources it uses seriously, as well as of the environment in which we operate. As a minimum, we adhere to our customers’ rigorous quality audit standards but often go beyond that in the pursuit of excellence. We audit ourselves thoroughly and regularly against these standards.”

    View information on completed solar systems in our Agriculture Portfolio.

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