Todae Solar
Bennelong Apartments Goes Solar

Todae Solar is installing the closest solar system to Sydney Opera House

Todae Solar has begun work on a 150kW rooftop solar system on top of the Bennelong Apartments, in Sydney.

Bennelong Apartments, nicknamed ‘The Toaster’, is considered one of Australia’s most prestigious and historic apartment blocks, made up of three buildings. Located in the heart of Sydney CBD on the eastern shore of Circular Quay, Bennelong Apartments has been a key part of the port facilities in Sydney. This project is our second system in the area following our Pullman Quay Grand project which was nominated as Finalist in 2017 for Clean Energy Council Design and Installation Awards.

This project for Bennelong Apartments is a very interesting one as it holds historical value, and is the closest solar system to the Opera House, other than our Pullman Quay Grand project. It is a challenging project from a technical, logistical, installation and safety perspective. Nonetheless, the team is working hard to exceed expectations in that regard and to deliver a reliable and sustainable solution to the client. This project will deliver wide-ranging benefits, including leveraging sustainability efforts and reducing electricity costs. – Mehdi, project manager at Todae Solar.

The project is expected to be completed before the end of February 2020.