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Todae Solar marched with tens of thousands in Sydney Global Climate Strike.

On Friday, Todae Solar joined an estimated 80,000-strong crowd as it marched through the streets in Sydney, and more than 4 million people worldwide in this historic movement. Todae Solar are proud of our staff dedicating their time and effort to march on Friday for the Global Climate Strike.

In March last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that there are less than 12 years to avoid the impacts of an increase of 1.5˚C of global warming. In June, the City of Sydney council voted to declare a climate emergency that recognises that the climate crisis already affects our environment.

Since 2003, sustainability has been at our core and we’ve inspired hundreds of businesses and organisations to contribute to a cleaner future. We were proud to be part of one of the most significant events for climate globally and look forward to a continuous effort from our team, our customers and the millions of people we joined globally striking against climate change. Thank you for everyone who supported in this movement. 

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