Simplicity Australia – 160kW Multi Site Solar Rollout

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Client: Simplicity Australia

System Size: 160kW

Approximate Yearly Output: 130,000kWh

Approximate Bill Coverage: 52%

Simplicity Australia’s head office and factory is based in Dalby in SE Queensland, about 200 km west of Brisbane. This is the home of the most comprehensive and innovative range of Air Seeders in Australia with a reputation for quality that has attracted solid national and international markets.

Simplicity returned to Todae Solar in 2017, following the successful install of their first 150kW system in 2016, to install their second and third systems of 100kW and 60kW flush-mounted solar systems in order to further reduce their energy costs. With a payback period of just over two years and a 20-year saving of almost $2.5 million, the ROI was significant.

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