St Andrews Village – 200kW Solar Installation

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Client: St Andrews Village

System Size: 200kW

Approximate Yearly Output: 142,000kWh

Approximate Bill Coverage: 40%

St Andrews Village has been providing supportive, home-like environments and care to the older people of Canberra for over two decades. In May 2016, Todae Solar completed the installation of a 100kW commercial solar system to help St Andrews Village reduce its operational costs and carbon emissions. An additional 100kW solar system was installed the following year.

This installation was particularly labour intensive as the French terracotta tiles on the roofs had to be individually ground down. Approximately 800 tiles were grounded for 384 solar panels to be mounted. Despite the system size, logistical challenges and strict guidelines, we were able to get the system up and running to the satisfaction of the client.

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