Stockland Shopping Centre – 3.1MW Multi-Site Rollout

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Client: Stockland

NSW’s Largest Rooftop Solar Installation

System Size – 3.1MW

Annual Output – 1,740,000kWh

Stockland has been a prominent real estate owner, manager and developer since 1952. Their vision is to, “not merely achieve growth and profits but to make a worthwhile contribution to the development of our cities and great country.” This installation contributed a large portion to Stockland’s 1.35MW renewable energy goal for fiscal year 2017.

A notable challenge on this project was the coordination of almost 50 installers on site moving 3,991 PV panels over 7,658 square metres without disturbing the operations of a busy shopping centre.

In 2017 Todae Solar was contracted again to install an additional 1,8MW solar system on Stockland’s Green Hills location.

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