Domaine Chandon – 100kW Solar Installation

Client: Domaine Chandon System Size: 100kW Approximate Yearly Output: 145,276 kWh Approximate Bill Coverage: 19.2% Domaine Chandon have committed to build a 100kW system at their site in Coldstream, Victoria. The decision to use Todae Solar was based upon “the ease and speed of putting a proposal together and the confidence from past projects that the project […]

ALDI Australia – 2.3MW Multi-Site Installation

Client: ALDI Australia System Size: 2.3MW Aldi is the common brand of two German discount supermarket chains with over 10,000 stores in 20 countries. In 2017 Todae Solar installed a 1.5MW solar system at ALDI’s distribution facility in Prestons, NSW and 100kW systems on eight of their retail stores in Western Australia. For more information on […]

Smithfield Centre – 100kW Commercial Solar System

Client: Smithfield Centre System Size: 100kW Approximate Yearly Output: 152,000kWh Approximate Bill Coverage: 34.9% Todae Solar was contracted in 2017 to design and install a 100kW solar photovoltaic system for a Smithfield Centre facility in Smithfield, Queensland. For more information on solar installations in the healthcare industry, take a look at our Healthcare and Community Portfolio.

Alpha Care – 100kW Commercial Solar System

Client: Alpha Care System Size: 100kW Approximate Yearly Output: 149,000 kWh  Approximate Bill Coverage: 67% Alphacare is Australia’s leading supplier of medical & rehabilitation equipment for the aged care, hospital & allied health industry. Todae Solar was contracted to design and install a 100kW system. This solar system was installed in June 2017 and it is […]

Simplicity Australia – 160kW Multi Site Solar Rollout

Client: Simplicity Australia System Size: 160kW Approximate Yearly Output: 130,000kWh Approximate Bill Coverage: 52% Simplicity Australia’s head office and factory is based in Dalby in SE Queensland, about 200 km west of Brisbane. This is the home of the most comprehensive and innovative range of Air Seeders in Australia with a reputation for quality that has […]

Northholm Grammar School – 100kW Solar Installation

Client: Northholm Grammar School System Size: 100kW Approximate Yearly Output: 148,000 kWh Approximate Bill Coverage: 32% Northholm Grammar School is a combined school serving years 3-12. In winter 2016, the school contracted Todae Solar to install a 100kW installation in Fiddletown, New South Wales. This solar installation features 350 solar panels what will help the school […]

Heart Research Institute – 100kW Solar Installation

Client: Heart Research Institute System Size: 100kW Approximate Yearly Output: 135,000kWh Bill Coverage: 11% The Heart Research Institute (HRI) is a non-profit research facility based in Newtown, New South Wales. HRI was established in 1989 to provide cutting edge and invaluable cardiovascular research for Australia. Todae Solar completed a 100kW commercial system for Heart Research Institute in 2017. The system features […]

Redeemer Baptist School – 77kW Solar Installation

Client: Redeemer Baptist School System size: 77kW Approximate Year 1 Output: 117,300kWh The Redeemer Baptist School’s 77kW solar panel system is now completed and expected to generate around 117,300kWh in its first year. The school offers education from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 and thus uses a substantial amount of electricity in its day-to-day operations. This new […]

Doors Plus – 100kW Solar Installation

Client: Doors Plus System Size: 100 kW Approximate Yearly Output: 145,000 kWh Approximate Bill Coverage: 39% Doors Plus is a manufacturer with the mission to improve the safety of Australian homes by providing high quality doors and related services. Todae Solar installed 370 solar panels on their facility in NSW at the end of 2017. The […]

Surteco – 100kW Solar Installation

Client: Surteco System Size: 100kW Approximate Yearly Output: 151,000 kWh Approximate Bill Coverage: 5% Surteco is an abrasives supplier located in Arndell Park, NSW. In 2017, Todae Solar installed a 100kW commercial solar system on their facility. The solar system will be instrumental helping the manufacturer reduce their energy costs and provide insulation from rising energy […]